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school counselor in the classroom with students
Katie Cormier

Katie Cormier

Guidance Counselor

Who’s Wise Words

In our community, we will be






We've implemented a school wide positive behavior system focused on recognizing kindness, responsibility, respect and safety around school. You may have noticed new posters around school, and may have heard your children talking about "positive pellets" teachers have been distributing when we notice kids doing the right thing around school.

We are slowing down to focus on the direct instruction of expectations of behavior in all locations around school: bathrooms, hallways, playground, buses, the multi-purpose room, and classrooms. Teachers are taking their classes around to each of these locations to discuss expected behavior and go through what we want to see from students around school.

Counseling Objectives

Parenting Library in my Office: Feel free to swing by and look through my books to see if there is anything that piques your interest.

In addition to my parent resource library, below are some online resources you may find helpful.