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Alisha Keel

Alisha Keel

School Counselor

Who’s Wise Words

In our community, we will be






We are now in year five of our school wide positive behavior system (PBIS). We are continuing to focus on Who’s Wise Words of kindness, respect, responsibility and safety at school. You may notice Who’s Wise Words posters around the school and may have heard your children talking about “positive pellets”. Positive pellets are distributed by staff in the building when we notice students following one or more of Who’s Wise Words by showing kindness, respect, responsibility, and safety. 

Over the summer I was fortunate to join a team from Marion Cross that attended the BEST Institute in Killington to continue building our multi tiered system of supports (MTSS) at MCS. Our focus this summer was on implementing restorative practices within our MTSS framework. A restorative approach involves principle-based processes and practices that can be applied to help things go right as well as respond when things go wrong.

March 8, 2024

This week in class counsel Kindergarten and First grades learned about bystander power and how bystanders can help stop bullying. In Second grade students learned about refusing bullying by being assertive. In Third grade students learned about and practiced reporting bullying to a caring trusting adult. Fourth and Fifth graders reviewed what bullying is and how to recognize, report, and refuse. Then in Sixth grade students are continuing to learn about the brain, emotions, and how emotions affect your decisions.

Ms. Keel

Counseling Objectives

In addition to my parent resource library, below are some online resources you may find helpful.