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Administrator's Corner

Principal Gonyaw scooping ice cream outside at MCS
Shawn Gonyaw

Shawn Gonyaw

Greg Bagnato

Greg Bagnato

Associate Principal

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Welcome to the Administrator's Corner. Shawn Gonyaw, Principal of Marion Cross School, and Greg Bagnato, Student Services Coordinator will post their weekly messages here. The intent is to keep you updated on important topics that are happening at school.

These posts can also be found in the weekly Who's Wise Words newsletter, which we highly encourage you to read. We hope you find all this information helpful, informative and fun.  We encourage you to reach out to us with questions and comments.

Shawn and Greg


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Week of November 27 - December 1
Important Dates

Saturday, December 9 at 1:00pm - PTO Gift Making Festival
Wednesday, December 13 at 5 pm - Winter Concert (Kindergarten through Grade 2)
Thursday, December 14 at 6 pm - Winter Concert (Grades 3 through 6)


Message from the Principal

Report cards will be live and available for you to access at 5:00pm on Friday, December 1st (today).  As a child, I LOVED to have my report card come home.  My grandparents were of the generation that paid for good grades.  Sometimes a stellar report card could result in $50 and being taken out to eat!  That was memorable.  However, even more memorable was the time that was spent talking with me about my report card and how I felt about my progress in school.  It was fun to share the highlights and to strategize about how to turn a C grade into a B or A.   My hope is that you are able to take the time to review report cards with your children, celebrate the highlights and brainstorm how to continue to grow in other areas.

Prior to you viewing report cards, we want to clarify grading and our school’s approach to report cards.

Similar to last year, we are using PowerSchool to prepare and publish report cards. Please be aware that all student grades noted on the report card will be based on first-trimester standards.

Grading will be reported using the numbers 1,2,3, and 4. 

  • A  grade of “1” demonstrates little evidence of meeting the standard.
  • A grade of “2” demonstrates that a student is approaching mastery of the standard.
  • A grade of “3” demonstrates that a student is meeting the expectation of a given standard.
  • Finally, a grade of “4” demonstrates that a student is consistently performing above grade level work or advanced work.

Additionally, we only grade students in the areas that we have taught.  For any content areas that have not been taught to date, you will see NA noted on the report card. NA stands for not assessed. For all Work Habits and Social Skills grading, we will also be using the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • A  “4” is given for demonstrates consistently.
  • A  “3” is given for demonstrates frequently.
  • A  “2” is given for demonstrates occasionally.
  • A  “1” is given for demonstrates rarely.

If, after reviewing the report card,  you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher(s).  We are always happy to talk about students and ways to make school work even better.  Also, if you have any celebrations or appreciations, also reach out to your child’s teacher(s).

To login in to your PowerSchool account, please follow this link.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Student Services Update

This week we filled our pellet aquarium and celebrated as a whole school by having Fancy Day.  Fancy Day was organized by our PBIS Celebration committee members Becky French, Melanie Farwell, Jonathan Dean, and Talari Anderson.  They enlisted the assistance of a number of staff and family volunteers to sponsor an amazing event.  Not only was everyone invited to dress fancy, but we surprised students by having a fancy lunch.  Lunch included tables with tablecloths, fancy flowers, twinkling lights, a special treat…and live music!  An awesome time was had by everyone.

students and teacher in the gym during fancy lunch

pianist during fancy lunch

set up of tables with tablecloths and flowers during fancy lunch

Have a great weekend,