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All Norwich students who live more than two miles from school are eligible to ride the school bus.  Norwich students who are enrolled in the Dresden District grades 7 and 12 are eligible for round-trip transportation from Marion Cross School to Hanover.

Walkers and Riders

Children may be required to walk up to one-and-one-half miles to a school bus stop.  Students who live fewer than two miles from the elementary school can be transported at their parents’ request if, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Schools, the walking route is hazardous.

There are racks in the front of the building for children who wish to ride their bicycles to school. They may ride them only to and from school at appropriate hours. They may not ride their bicycles during the school day.

Bus Transportation

Bus Riders. Norwich, Hanover and Dresden schools share buses, and schedules are coordinated. Bus routes and schedules are published on the SAU website ( in late August. For additional information about schedules, call the SAU Business Administrator (603-643-­6050).

The school bus may arrive at your stop as much as five minutes early. Children should be at the stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time. The school is to be notified by the bus company if a bus will be more than 15 minutes behind schedule and/or if a bus stop is missed. If there will be a delay of more than 30 minutes, parents will be notified through the SAU’s automated system.

Parents may not accompany children on the school bus. A parent may wish to drive to school in the morning to briefly meet a young child taking the bus for the first time. If so, please do not follow directly behind the bus, and please park in the parking lot before meeting the child.

Bus riders will be expected to ride their regular bus and get off at the regular stop. Changes from normal expectations can be very confusing to children and a challenge to our already complex dismissal and bus ­loading system.

Parents must provide a signed note if:

●  The child must take a bus other than his/her regular one.

●  The child is to be picked up at school rather than riding the bus.

●  The child will walk or bike to another’s house after school instead of riding the bus.

●  The child is to be picked up at school by someone other than the parent or guardian.


Bus drivers may by-­pass roads when they are unsafe. Parents in areas so affected should make alternate plans for both morning and afternoon runs.

School Bus Rider Responsibilities

For requested changes in service, please refer to the website mentioned above and utilize the forms available on that page.  Please know that failure to follow the expected bus rider responsibilities may result in a child being removed from the bus for a number of days.

●      Riders and drivers will treat others with courtesy and respect at all times.

●      The use of profanity, vulgar, obscene, or abusive language will not be tolerated.

●      Fighting, shoving, or bullying others on the bus, or while waiting for the bus, will not be tolerated.

●      Throwing anything on the bus is prohibited.

●      Talking should be carried on in conversational tones.

●      Smoking, or other use of tobacco, is prohibited on the bus at all times.

●      Students must comply immediately with any request or suggestion from the driver pertaining to safe pupil transportation.

●      Defacement of or destruction to the bus will not be tolerated. Any vandalism of the bus or bus seats

●      Aisles are to be left free of books, lunch boxes, coats, and other objects at all times. Students should sit in their seats, and not put their arms, legs, etc., into the aisles, except when inadequate space makes this impossible.

●      Students must remain seated at all times when the bus is moving; arms and heads must be inside at all times. All of the contracted buses are equipped with seat belts for use by students.  Although seat belt use on buses is not presently required by NH, VT, or federal mandate, many agree the best practice is to fasten the seat belts while the bus is in motion.

●      Students may be required to walk up to one and one half miles to a bus stop, or two miles to school.

●      Students must be ready to board the bus at least five minutes prior to its scheduled stop. In order to keep all of the students on time, drivers are not to wait for pupils who are not present at the designated time.

●      Students should line up and enter the bus in an orderly fashion when it arrives. 

●      Students must board the bus in an orderly and courteous manner, go immediately to a seat, sit down, and secure their personal belongings. The driver may assign seats.

●      Students loading and departing from the bus will do so from the front door of the bus. If the road must be crossed, students will wait for the driver's signal.

●      For Norwich students only - when the bus reaches the Marion Cross School in the afternoon, all middle and high school students will fill in the seats from the back of the bus forward, unless a seat has been assigned. The younger children will fill in the front of the bus back.

●      Students loading and departing from the bus will do so from the front door of the bus. If the road must be crossed, students will wait for the driver’s signal and then (using caution) will cross at least 10 feet in FRONT of the bus.

●      All school rules are in effect on the school bus for transportation to and from school or any school event.

Carry­ Ons

Bulky, unusual, or dangerous equipment may not be carried on the school bus. Sports equipment for use after school must be stored during the day in areas designated by the classroom teacher. Sports equipment for use at recess must be approved by faculty. Animals may not be transported on the school bus, even for special projects such as ''show and tell.'' (Prior permission for animals in school must be received from the classroom teacher and school nurse.)


Problem Solving

Day­ to­ day issues concerning discipline, behavior and unusual daily circumstances such as late or early buses, missed stops, etc., should be referred to the school principal. For disciplinary issues, the principal and coordinator of student services may take action in accordance with the seriousness of the offense, such as assigning seats, or temporary or permanent suspension from the bus.

Crossing Guards

There are crossing guards at the crosswalk on Church Street and by Tracy Hall on Main Street.  We expect all students to obey their instructions.

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