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Student Expectations

Student Expectations

Marion Cross is a PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) School

Faculty and Staff work hard to build a positive school climate that motivates children to care about one another and to be contributing responsible members of the school community. 

The community at Marion Cross School’s goal is to create, promote, and maintain a positive, safe, and effective learning environment by establishing behavioral supports and the social culture needed for all students in our school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. We expect our students to:

Be Kind,

Be Respectful,

Be Responsible,

Be Safe


Discipline at Marion Cross teaches students to choose responsible behavior because it is the right thing to do.  Building community is an essential first step in creating this culture.

Staff at Marion Cross build community through morning meetings, teaching expectations, positive reinforcement, and celebrations.  Our goal is for students to feel that they are valued and have a strong sense of connection and belonging.

When a student misbehaves our priority is safety.  We will do our best to support them in developing self control and self discipline.  The positive discipline practices we use usually include a conversation with the child and a plan for the student to take responsibility and make amends. 

Some incidents are recorded via our school wide Behavior Observation and Data Form.  These are completed by school staff and help us track “minor” and “major” referrals.  Some minor and every major referral will be communicated to the parents of the child by the teacher, Associate Principal, or School Principal. 

If a student needs a more comprehensive plan to obtain our discipline goals, teachers, parents, and possible (EST) education support team will work together to create the intervention(s) needed to support the student.

Norwich School Board and Marion Cross School Policies

The following policies can be found on BoardDocs:

Bullying and Harassment (Policy JICK)

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (Policy JCDAC)

Administering Medication in School (Policy JLCD

Immunizations (Policy JLCB)

The following are Marion Cross School Policies:

Dress Code - All student dress must be neat, clean, in good repair, and in good taste.

Students may be asked to go to the nurse to find clothing from the lost and found that will cover extremely revealing fashions or that will keep a child warm when going outside. If you are in doubt about the suitability of your child’s clothing or appearance on a particular day, please call the school counselor or the school nurse, for guidance.


The school elevator is available for use only by the physically disabled, those who are temporarily injured, or adults who have heavy loads. For the safety of all students, no student is permitted to use the elevator without specific permission from the front office.


Since the health and safety of our students and employees are a top priority, students wishing to bring an animal into school for a special project or show-and-tell must receive prior permission from the Principal. The animal must be removed from the building once the purpose for its visit has been accomplished. Animals without up-to-date rabies protection are not allowed in school.  Dogs and other animals are not allowed on school property, especially during dismissal and drop off.

Safety Drills

Fire and/or other safety drills are held once a month and are practiced for a variety of situations. Once or twice each year we evacuate the whole school to Tracy Hall. Parents are not notified of these dates.

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