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Other Important Information for Parents

Other Important Information for Parents

Change in Residence or Other Personal Information

Please inform the school of any change in residence, mailing address, email addresses, telephone numbers, or family status.

Birthday Celebrations

If your child has a birthday and would like to celebrate by bringing a healthy birthday treat to school, please take into consideration any student allergies and make sure that there is enough to share with everyone.  Also, please coordinate this event with your child’s teacher well in advance of the date. If your child plans to invite friends to an after-school party, please do not distribute invitations at school, even if there is one for each member of the class.

Checks to Norwich School District

When making checks out for Marion Cross School milk, field trips, or other school expenses, please make them payable to: Norwich School District, not Marion Cross School.

Class Pictures

Individual student and class pictures are taken at school each fall. Parents will be notified of the exact date and time well in advance. These photos will be available for purchase.

Library Books

Pre-K students will have an opportunity to check out one book each week to their classroom. These books will remain at school. Students in K-6 are encouraged to have up to three books checked out on their account at any one time. Additional books may be checked out on a case by case basis or for class assignments. Check-out privileges may be temporarily suspended if books become overdue. Overdue notices are sent to the registered caregivers email account each week. If a student loses or damages a book, it should be replaced or paid for at the replacement cost.

Local Action Plan

Vermont Act 60 requires schools throughout Vermont to write and implement a Local Action Plan.  This plan is designed to improve the performance of all students in the school. It is written by a team of administrators, faculty, parents, community members and members of the school board.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located near the elevator across from the library.  Unidentifiable student belongings are placed there. Valuable items are kept in the office.  Students are encouraged to look in either place if they have lost something. At the end of each trimester, unclaimed items will either be given to students or are donated to local non-profit organizations.

To cut down on the amount of items that accumulate in the lost and found, please mark all of your child’s property (including clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks, notebooks, and bikes) with his or her name.  

School Board Meetings

School Board Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month in the school library at 6:30 p.m.  The community is invited to the open sessions of each meeting. The Dresden School Board meets on the fourth Tuesday in Hanover.  Minutes are posted on the SAU 70 website (, and videos of meetings are available at the Norwich Public Library.

Student Appearance in Local News

From time to time, student activities are photographed by news organizations or video taped by the school or local television stations. Students are never individually identified without prior permission from a parent.

Visits to School by Parents, Friends or Relatives

Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classes by appointment only. Please call ahead to your child’s teacher to make arrangements. If you are interested in sharing something special with a group of children, please let the classroom teacher know. Before visiting any class, all visitors must check in at the main office when entering the school building.

If your child has a friend or relative visiting from out of town, please do not send that person to school with your child.  This can be very disruptive to the school day and very difficult for the teacher to manage.

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