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Academic Life

Academic Life

Marion Cross School offers a course of study in a supportive environment.  It has been developed to reach students with varied learning styles by balancing traditional approaches with innovative teaching techniques.  Our teachers encourage students to develop their full potential by understanding their strengths and overcoming any limitations.

Mission Statement:

The school’s mission statement is the following:

Marion Cross School is a public pre-kindergarten-through-sixth-grade public school that promotes educational excellence and fosters a lifelong love of learning.

Marion Cross School is a nurturing community that empowers all students to realize their intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, and social potential.

Marion Cross School partners with families and the community to develop responsible local and global citizens who can adapt to a changing world.

Reports and Conferences

Three times during the school year, parents will receive written reports through the Parent Power School Portal from teachers regarding their child’s achievement.  Each fall and spring, teachers will also be available for conferences with parents. Conferences will be available in person or using the Zoom platform.  Additional parent/teacher conferences may be requested at any time by parents or teachers.


Your child’s homeroom teacher will communicate the reasons for and the ways you can support your child with homework.


Three or four times a year, students are assessed internally in math and language arts.  We utilize an online, adaptive test: each student gets a different set of questions. Students in grades K-2 are also assessed for the development of early, foundational literacy skills.  In the spring of each year, all students in grades 3 – 6 are assessed in language arts and mathematics with SBAC testing. In May of each year, fifth graders are assessed in science.

Letters will be sent home detailing the testing schedule for each grade level.  It is very important that students be present at school during this testing period.


Annual Notification of Rights Concerning Access to Student Records

The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 USC s1232g) and regulations adopted by the US Department of Education (34 CFR Part 99) provide parents or guardians with the right to inspect and review any material in their child’s cumulative record folder.  Please call the main office if you are interested in seeing your child’s cumulative record. 

The same federal legislation prohibits the school from releasing information, oral or written, about a student to an individual or agency without written consent from the student’s parent or guardian. If access to a student’s records is granted by subpoena or court order, the parents and student must be notified in advance of compliance with the subpoena or court order.

In the event that a student transfers to another school, Marion Cross School will forward official school records including an official transcript to the new school at the request of the parent. This request must be in writing. These records will be mailed directly to the new school’s office.

Student Support

Guidance - Marion Cross School employs a full-time, certified school counselor who works with students to help them develop academically, personally, and socially.  This person also works closely with parents, teachers, and school administrators to provide students with the very best academic and social support.

EST - Education Support Teams meet regularly as grade levels to discuss and document strategies to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.  EST plans may be developed for any student attending MCS.  Homeroom teachers will inform families if their child is being discussed at an EST and parents may attend the meeting.

504 - Section 504 is a Civil Rights law that guarantees qualifying students particular accommodations through a 504 plan.  Students who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity may qualify.  Greg Bagnato is the 504 coordinator at MCS.

Special Education Program at the Marion Cross School works with classroom teachers to provide individualized direct support services for students who need them according to PL 94-142 and Vermont's Act 230.  A range of services is available including, but not limited to, speech and language services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and academic tutoring. All service plans are designed by the Pupil Services Team, and they are tailored to a student's specific individual needs.

Special education staff members may also assist the regular classroom teachers. Marion Cross School has on its faculty learning specialists, a school counselor, a speech-and-language teacher, reading and math intervention teachers, and a school nurse. We also employ service providers who work under the direction of the special education case managers. They include a psychologist, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist. All special education staff work with classroom teachers to provide the most appropriate education for each student identified as needing special services. 

Parents with questions about support services for their child should consult their child’s classroom teacher and the special education case manager.

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