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MCS School Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Marion Cross School Administration

Shawn Gonyaw

Greg Bagnato 
Associate Principal

Marion Cross School Support Staff

Alisha Keel
School Counselor

Jessica Liddy
Administrative Assistant 

Joy Smollin  
Front Office

Jane Glick
School Nurse



We invite you to view our Meet the Staff page to see a complete listing of our Staff.


The Marion Cross School does not discriminate in educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, language, gender, age, or handicapping condition under Title VI of the Educational Amendments (1972), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973), and the Education of All Handicapped Children Act (1975).

Nothing in this handbook should be interpreted as modifying or superseding school district policies, regulations or procedures.  In the event of a conflict between this handbook and board policies, regulations or procedures, the latter shall prevail.

SAU 70 Administration 

Jay Badams

Robin Steiner
Assistant Superintendent

Jamie Teague
Business Administrator 

Tony Daigle
Director of Buildings & Grounds

Bryant Patten
Director of Educational Technology 

Rhett Darak
Director of Student Services

Amy Tallman
Director of Human Resources


SAU 70
41 Lebanon Street, Suite 2
Hanover, NH. 03755
(603) 643-6050

Norwich School Board

The Norwich School Board meets at 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month, with the exception of December and January (when the budget is presented) and July (when no meeting is scheduled), and sometimes August. Most meetings are held in the Marion Cross School Library, with the exception of the budget presentations, which take place in the MCS Multipurpose Room. The community can also virtually attend meetings via Zoom. All meeting agendas and accompanying documents can be accessed via BoardDocs on the SAU 70 website ( All meetings are recorded.  Recordings of the meetings are available on the SAU70 YouTube channel and CATV website. Information about Dresden School Board meetings (which oversees the Richmond Middle School and Hanover High School) and SAU70 School Board meetings (which oversees the administrative aspects of the District) is also available on BoardDocs.

School Board members, meeting agendas, attachments, and minutes can be found on BoardDocs.

View BoardDocs



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