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The Lego Robotics Team STEM program provides a great hands-on learning experience where students learn to design and code robots while researching and tackling problems associated with real-world issues such as the energy crisis. Students engage in self-directed learning while honing their research, interview, and presentation skills.  They also practice and discover the  meaning of certain core values such as inclusivity, innovation, teamwork, and discovery. The program includes having teams embark on a field trip and interview experts to learn more about their team’s chosen research project and to come up with a solution to a real world problem.  In the true spirit of engineering, it also involves students sharing their solution and presenting it with those same experts for feedback.  Students then design a prototype of their solution.  Throughout the program’s journey, students learn to set goals, deal with deadlines, cope with failure, and also make it a point to have lots of fun. The program culminates with participation in the First Lego League state competition where students are judged on their robot performance, research presentation and demonstration of core values. A team celebration is held after the competition. The robotics program is more than just robots; it's about teaching young people valuable life skills that will be vital for the future workforce.

The team accepts donations through the school to help sustain itself year after year and to help pay for Lego kits, registration costs, team materials, celebration supplies, and other expenses.


Yannick (Niki) Oney, Educational Technology Specialist