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Celebration Books

This program is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate an event in your child's life, such as a birthday, first lost tooth, a pet's birthday, a relative or teacher, the first day of Spring, etc.  Participation is optional.

How to Participate

Fill out a form - available in the main office, or through the PTO website - and indicate how much money you would like to donate, the honoree's name and the event to be recognized. 

Book selection takes place approximately once a month.  On the appropriate month, your child will come to the library to choose a book from several bins of books that have been pre-selected by the librarian. 

A book plate will be signed by your child and placed in the front of the book.  Your child will be the first person to check out the book.  Additionally, they will get the opportunity to search the online catalog for their chosen book by typing in their name.