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Talari Anderson

Kindergarten Teacher

Heidi Freeman

Kindergarten Teacher

Katie Fritschie

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten is a time when we work together to build your child’s educational foundation.

Students in the snow near fire pit

Exploring the natural world using your five senses provides a rich and wondering setting for learning. Nature provides a range of purposeful contexts that the children can really become involved in. We are grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world with amazing natural resources right behind our school!

Students building with branches in the woods





The Milton Frye Nature Preserve has so much to offer including, natural streams to explore the properties of water, trails with a wide variety of trees that change with the seasons, and wildlife that depend upon both. These resources give children tangible ways of working with and in nature to increase their connection to it. Some investigations might take the whole school year as we explore the changes that occur in nature over time. With that in mind, our goal for the MCS kindergarten program is to spend as much time as possible exploring the natural world and make connections with stories, counting, and recording observations.