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Pre-K and Kindergarten

The instructional focus of Pre-K kindergarten rests in listening comprehension. Students are exposed to French through songs and poems, movement, games, stories, and books. The material covered has roots in the children’s everyday lives. The class relies on basic vocabulary and simple language structures, with which the children become familiar over time.

Grade 1

In first grade French we continue to work on the children’s receptive language skill of listening comprehension. When appropriate and possible, connections are made to the general first grade curriculum; the primary goal, however, is to expose students to language which is relevant to their everyday lives.  Language learning continues to occur through the songs, poems, games and stories introduced in class and students begin to explore culture in context to make it relevant and accessible to the students.

Grade 2

As students continue their study of French, the skill of reading becomes a greater focus. Students read familiar tales and new, simple stories. In this third year of their French studies, students are encouraged to “level up” their proficiency as they begin to do more self-assessment. It is also during this time that students are introduced to various grammar concepts in context.

Grade 3

In third grade French, students continue to develop their skills in listening, reading,  writing, and speaking. We will begin to work on writing and developing a stronger sense of the connection between written and spoken language. Student interests are at the heart of all of our class discussions and we work to connect those to other topics we are studying.

Grade 4

At this point, students are able to express themselves more freely. Students are encouraged to begin to put original thoughts, ideas, and stories into writing. Grammar-in-context explanations are also deeper and more complex.

Grade 5/6

In the upper grades at Marion Cross, we continue to focus on the skill areas that have been at the forefront of their students since the early grades. Students begin to do deeper self-reflection and self-assessment as they prepare to move on to the middle school (regardless of their language choice for seventh and eighth grades).

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