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Looking at shapes, combining shapes to make recognizable images, Art Simon Says, Painting our feelings, exploration of different materials, Helping Heart Pins, The Very hungry caterpillar- printing with balloons, pinch pots, 2D vs 3D- turning paper into sculpture (rainbow unit), Jasper Johns Alphabets, Cave paintings

Grade 1

Insect paintings (oil pastel and watercolor resist), Meadow Creature footprint stamps (simple printmaking), Hundertwasser Spirals of life, Paper Mache Dinosaur Heads, Aboriginal X-ray paintigs (guessing what is inside our bodies!), African Grassland Paintings, Adire cloth (Africa Unit), Pottery

Grade 2

Monet Water Lily Paintings, Aurora Borealis Paintings (Polar regions tie-in), Inuit Art (Polar region tie-in), Family Member Finger Puppets, VanGogh Sunflower Paintings, Frida Kahlo-inspired art (Mexico tie-in), Pottery

Grade 3

Gustav Klimt-trees of life (forest unit), Paste Paper collage, Native American-Inspired Art (Parfleches, Winter Counts, Medicine Shields, etc...), Needle Felting (birds in the past to tie-in with bird unit), Pottery

Grade 4

Mary Azarian-Inspired -Vermont Block Prints, Mixed Media Solar systems, Egyptian Cartouches on handmade papyrus(writing their names in Heiroglyphics), King Tuts Third coffin OR Scarab beetles (copper sheeting), Mummified Cats (Paper Mache), Heart Art (sometimes skipped if time is an issue), Japanese inspired art (reduction printing), and this year we are going to try to create a Japanese-themed claymation, Pottery

Grade 5

Self Portraits- exploring the different parts of the face (tie-in with i-poems or personal narratives), 3D art (this year Forest Shadow boxes), Wayne Thiebaud-inspired food pantings, Pop art (Campbell's soup cans), Ancient Greek Statue self portraits, Paper Mache Spartan Helmets, Medieval art, Pottery

Grade 6

Paper Mache Day of the Dead Skulls, Pottery, Cross Contour Lines (3D-looking-hands), Needle Felting, Perspective, Roy Lichtenstein-Inspired Art, Colonial American Art (this year-face jugs), Exit self-portraits

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